One of the biggest questions singers have is, “how do I start getting myself out there as a young singer-songwriter, performer, and/or band?” There are plenty of opportunities a young performer or even a seasoned performer can get involved with or create to get their music heard and start creating opportunities. These are 5 ideas but think outside of the box, be courageous, and try new things. These are just some suggestions to get your feet wet!
Open MicOpen Mic Nights!
Most big cities have different venues and shops that host open mic nights (HERE is a link to some open mic nights in LA!). Go perform your songs and see how people like them! If there isn’t an open mic night in your city or if you are young and there aren’t many opportunities, create one!  Ask your local coffee shop, Barnes and Noble or bookshop, and so on to see if you can put one together and host it! Most artists find success with their music and growth when they have and create a supportive community around them.
CancerGet involved with a cause and your community!
Many charities and community programs are looking for music and entertainment for their events. Offer your talent to the community. There will be a built in audience who now have a chance to engage with you and hear your music. To top it off you are helping the cause! Also, some cities have awesome summer events, music festivals, park shows, and more. Do some research and get involved!
Living Room Stream a show online.
Try an online show through stage it, live stream, youtube live, or concert window to name a few!  You can do an acoustic show from your living room, invite people to a rehearsal, and/or stream a local show and invite anyone online to join in!  This is a great way to open your audience to people who can’t attend because they live in a city you don’t perform in or even another country! A cool tool to promote your show is with!
Local gigFind local venues that match your vibe with a built in audience.
Check out some local venues in your city or towns that are only a drive away. See where your music fits in, put a tight set list together, and perform.  There is no better way to get feedback and build an audience than performing in your local scene and promote through social media!
Social Media IconYouTube & Social Media.
This is a great tool for artists to get out there! Find a platform and be consistent with your content!  Create a strategy and schedule when your content goes up to build your online following. YouTube is an awesome tool and people love visuals to go along with your music. Build your vibe, record some of your songs, and put them out there. Build interest through short clips you share on instagram, facebook, twitter, and/or periscope. Choose one platform and just focus on that one to start and then drive everyone to your site or YouTube Page and keep creating your content! Find a way to get your audience engaged and keep them engaged!
The biggest thing is to take a risk and be courageous! Go for it and don’t hoard your music (It will never be perfect!).  Share your music and let your community watch you grow!  Let them be a part of your journey and have fun!


You must do the things you think you cannot do! – Eleanor Roosevelt