UPCOMING WORKSHOP! Discover Your Trademark Sound.

Workshop Series: Discover Your Trademark Sound! ILoveToSing and Ingrid Vocal Studio has partnered to create an on-going artist development workshop series. The first workshop is taking place May 2nd at the Complex Theater from 10AM to 2PM. Come work in a group setting and understand how to stand out from the crowd and find your … Read More »

What is Authenticity?

Artists and teachers consistently talk about making sure you are authentic. What does this really mean? The definition of authentic, “real or genuine: not copied or false.” How do we know if we are being real? As artists we are comprised of our influences. How do we stay true to ourselves and make sure that … Read More »

Making a song yours

As singers we start off learning how to sing a song, phrasing, dynamics, and melodic arrangement through imitating someone’s version of their original song or imitating our favorite singer’s version of a song.  When we start we are learning how to use our voice, vocal control, delivery, timing, pitch, among many other things. When we … Read More »