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The Studio

Ingrid Schnell is a singer, songwriter, and vocal instructor in Los Angeles. Her repertoire of work includes vocal and theatrical performer, session singer, and vocal instructor throughout Los Angeles area. She has worked with Disney's hit show "Dog With a Blog," Break Entertainment, and Matchstick Music on their vocal recording sessions. She also trained and worked with artists seen or heard on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice, X-Factor, BMG, Hollywood Records, Break Ent., national tours, cruise lines, regional theater, and more. Ingrid as an artist has performed in both coasts and can be heard on Golden Globe nominated Christopher Young's Love Happens Soundtrack. She has also collaborated with William Wells (Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Ariana Grande), Matt Bobb (Disney), John Spiker (Beck, Tenacious D, Third Eye Blind), Girl Scouts Anthem (background vocalist, and Spanish translator), and various other artists (background vocals). She is currently serving on the board of Vocology in Practice.

Ingrid creates a student-centered environment that allows students to work on their personal goals as a vocalist and artist. She emphasizes vocal strength, health, and flexibility within their personal artistic style and genre. Ingrid works on enhancing the sound the artist is looking to achieve through artist development and emphasizes strengthening their musicality skills through ear training and phrasing. She works with beginners to advanced singers and with all ages catering each class to the specific needs and goals of the student.

Programs and Lessons

The studio provides not only the ability to improve your voice and technique, but to develop yourself as a performer, songwriter, and artist. We guide artists on how to produce their material through the multiple programs we offer.

Vocal Lessons

Ingrid Schnell is dedicated to guide developing singers in finding their individual sound and focuses on a technique that helps singers overcome vocal barriers. Students will learn to mix their voice appropriately according to their style and will expand their vocal range while keeping their vocal cords healthy and agile.

Reasons that make us the best choice for you!

A Student Centered Approach

We are student centered and strive to relate to each individual student’s learning style. We focus on keeping the artistic choices of the singer and maximizing the use of their voice within those choices and style. We strive to honor the students’ wishes and help students take ownership of their growth so they become more focused, inspired, and assertive. Through student centered learning a student discovers their own uniqueness and connects their intrinsic motivations on the basis that each person is an expert in their own path. By being placed in the center of their own vocal and artistic journey, students are given a safe environment where they can explore and push boundaries.

Our Method

  • vippracticebuttonVocology in Practice (VIP) is a multidisciplinary method based on the art and science of singing. “Vocology” is a term conceived by otolaryngologist Ingo Titze, defined as “the science and practice of voice habilitation.” ViP is a study of the voice that when put to practice helps vocalists gain more vocal strength and fitness. It is a multidisciplinary method based on the art and science of singing. As a community we make scientifically researched techniques applicable to each specific style of singing. It’s the art of technique and vocal rehabilitation combined with the individuals artistic choices and style to maximize the sound the singer is looking for while keeping the voice healthy and agile. The VIP technique focuses on helping students stay true to their artistic choices while keeping their cords healthy and agile.


  • SLS LogoSpeech Level Singing (SLS) is used and endorsed by over 100 Grammy Award winning singers, four Metropolitan Opera Award Winners and many more. SLS is founded on the concept of singing in the same comfortable manner as you speak. SLS teaches a singer to sing through their entire vocal range without any vocal breaks through the bridges. Singers are able to sing through their entire range with the same connected, even, strong, flexible sound at any pitch, volume, and style without strain or effort. It’s a technique developed by Seth Riggs,which trains singers to maintain their larynx stable and close their cords throughout their entire vocal range to avoid harming their voice.

All Ages – Beginners to Professional

Our students range from children to adults, experienced touring and recording singers to beginners who are starting their journey into learning their voice.

Private Lessons

Private lessons ensure that each student has the teacher’s undivided attention so they progress at a level suited to their individual needs.

Artist Development

We guide singers in developing their unique voice as an artist!

Through working on the voice and exploring different styles, we direct singers into finding their unique sound in their phrasing, arrangements, style, tone, and sound. We also direct artists to explore and create a narrative which explains who they are, what they represent, and who they speak to. And finally, together we create an image of what their music looks and feels like so that the artist has a clear and precise idea of what their music’s image is. This is important so that when they start branding themselves in the “do it yourself” music world the artist knows how to guide a photographer, web developer, and/or graphic designer.

If you would like to read more about artist development visit MADFACTORY to understand the different programs available.


Here is an interview with the amazing Steve Giles from The Naked Vocalist.


Join us for our upcoming artist development workshop May 2nd from 10AM to 2PM at the Complex Theater.

Learn how to pinpoint your trademark sound and stand out from the crowd by understanding your unique qualities and how to bring them out in your recordings and performances.
Discover Your Trademark Sound  

Performance Coaching

We work on the delivery, vocal arrangement, phrasing, and performance of each song so that each song is unique and true to the artist. Also, we make sure we understand the voice of the artist and keep true to what they are delivering to their audience so that it is consistent and specific.

Together we build the singer’s show and start developing them as performing artists. We start building their set musically and visually so that the artist can create an atmosphere that is true to their brand and start having clarity of what their message is and the experience they are creating for their audience. We fine tune the show and make sure that every piece is well thought out and serving its greater purpose within the show and experience of their audience.

Ingrid worked with Peyton List on her performance at the Greek in LA with Ingrid Michaelson.

Peyton COncert 2Peyton Concert

Vocal Production

Ingrid has had vast experience helping artists and producers get the vocal performance they are looking for in the studio. Often there is miscommunication in the studio between an artist and their producer since many producers aren’t singers themselves, this can be very frustrating for both parties and can show in the end product. It is hard to direct singers and get them to deliver the performance they need for the record. Having someone who can understand the voice and how to translate to a singer is always important in the recording studio and will help get the performance both the artist and producer are looking for.

Ingrid working with artist Kim Henderson in the studio while recording her single “Tiny Hearts.”

KH 2 KH 1


Working with G Hannelius on her single “Stay Away” at Matchstick Music.

G Studio 1


Using Studio as Your Instrument

Student Showcase

What others have to say...

Tamara Beatty, Voice Coach and Consultant; works on NBC's "The Voice"

Ingrid is amazing to work with.  Because she's an artist herself- she knows how to get singers prepared for the real deal- gigs, albums, auditions…  But more importantly, Ingrid gets to work right away in her lessons.  She zones in on what needs to be done and goes after it.  When you work with her, you know what to do, and when you do it- all while discovering and growing as a singer and artist.  She's excellent!

Treva Tegtmeier, Actress & Singer, seen on Grey's Anatomy, Switched at Birth, 90210, nominated for an Ovation Award for She Loves Me.

“After a decade of vocal frustration I had almost given up on my voice. During my first lesson with Ingrid I became emotional with relief! The major vocal problems I thought I had were bad habits I had gotten into over the years. She not only recognizes what I am doing incorrectly but teaches me how to identify and correct myself while singing. After six weeks of lessons, I was cast as the lead in a big musical and she walked beside me through the entire rehearsal process as well as the run. She is incredibly supportive and I am so grateful that I found her!”

Sara & AJ Achinger, Actor & Singer, seen on Shameless, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds.

....Simply stated, Ingrid is an exceptional teacher with keen insights that allow her to be in tune with the unique needs of each of her students.  I know this to be true because AJ is a bass who has found his unique adult voice under her expert direction.  She has helped him recapture notes at the higher end of his range that began to slip away...

Tiff Jimber, Singer/Songwriter, can hear her on soundtracks for The Grudge, Hide And Seek, and Love Happens.

Ingrid has changed my voice completely! She has elevated my singing to an entire new level. She’s taught me approach techniques, breath control, and strategic vocal exercises. Every week I learn something new and I’m excited to grow as a vocalist with her help.

Bahaur Sepehr, Singer

Ingrid is just amazing! As much as she is a talented singer and artist, she is also a great teacher. I had never taken singing lessons before, extremely shy, never had any confidence in my voice, and wouldn't even sing in front of my own family. I've been with Ingrid for 8 months now and there has been a huge improvement. She records all the lessons, from day one so you can hear for yourself how much you've changed. Not only has she helped me develop my voice and learn how to use it, but she also helps me with my confidence and performance...

Matt Bobb, Music Producer, works with artists with Disney and Warner Records.

“Whenever I have a vocalist who isn't quite nailing it in the studio, I call Ingrid. She always brings the best out of each artist, knows how to communicate in a language they understand, and keeps my sessions running smoothly.

Joe Keenast, Musician

“I was skeptical about taking voice lessons. I felt like singing was just something that was inherent and that you either had it or didn’t have it. Wow, in my first lesson with Ingrid, I felt like I was instantly better and over the course of several months I was able to significantly increase my range. She is great to work with and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend working with her.”

Jolene & Ashlee Fuss, Actress & Singer, seen on Rizzoli & Isles, The Thundermans, American Crime Story.

“Ingrid is the BEST voice teacher in LA! She is very professional, kind, and herself a talented singer. She has been teaching my daughter for two years. Her confidence, her voice range and vocals have improved 100%. She has been so supportive of my daughter and coaches her before her singing auditions. She brings out the best in her!! HIGHLY recommend her.”

Bobby Greiert, Singer/Songwriter

“I highly recommend studying with one of the BEST Vocal instructors in Los Angeles. Professional and fun, easy to work with. Lessons are personalized with practical application to your specific genre of music. I have improved consistently and gained confidence in my voice and ability.”

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